• A usable and accessible world

    is a better world

  • Why Bother?


    "Usability is almost like oxygen. We don't notice it until it's missing."


    As opposed to just being "useful," new products and systems are also required to be "usable" and "accessible" more than they have ever been. Even Google's Pagerank algorithms are increasingly using usability and accessibility measures to rank search results.


    The future is more usable and accessible.

  • Working Together


    We look at all stakeholders, including our customers’ customers, and keep an eye on the bigger picture. Trvly also brings together my experience in business, tech and research to achieve synergistic and holistic solutions.


    From the get-go, we work with you as a part of your team. The most effective solutions are, more often than not, a result of teamwork combined with good ideas.


    One size doesn’t fit all, and we recognise that all organisations and projects are unique. Trvly strives to complement your existing capabilities and assets, based on what works best for you.


    We reduce the risk of failure by focusing on smaller implementations that are easier to test as they are rolled out. This results in better decisions informed by the feedback from each iteration.

  • Highlights

    A selection of projects I've been involved in

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    Touch Screen Kiosks

    We made five different applications (including an exhibition directory and attendance management system). This is before touch-screens were common so part of the challenge was to design for first-time users interacting in public places. Fun times!

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    Gaze Interaction

    I researched effective ways of clicking hyperlinks with gaze, in my doctoral thesis. After that I also collaborated with the NZ Chiropractic College on a study to measure the effect of interventions on reading and gaze targeting tasks for kids with ADHD.

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    Booktrack allowed authors to add sound to ebooks and audiobooks. The Reader, Bookstore, and Studio were the different products we worked on. We designed and tracked the user experience using analytics and funnels along with conducting A/B tests.

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    Kaarvan Crafts Foundation

    The project started off with helping Kaarvan with their social media strategy and digital marketing. We expanded the scope to enable each artisan to start selling globally - maintaining a personalised Customer Experience in a scalable manner.

  • Trvly Misspelled?

    Marcus Vitruvius Pollio

    A roman architect, engineer, and author, Vitruvius is considered to be the first person to talk about ergonomics and usability.


    The terms he has used in his writings are:

    1. Firmitas: The strength and durability of the design;
    2. Utilitas: A design’s usefulness and suitability for the needs of its intended users;
    3. Venustas: The beauty of the design.
    His work also directly influenced Leonardo Da Vinci's famous "Vitruvian Man."
    The 'v' is in honour and remembrance of Vitruvius and his contributions.
  • About Me

    My name's Moiz and below are some things I've picked up over the years. You can find more about me on my personal page.

    Human-Computer Interaction

    While always learning and doing new things, HCI has been the one ongoing passion - and that's simply the reason for the existence of Trvly Usable. I also tutored HCI for three years at University of Auckland.

    Business & Management

    Part of my education journey was an MBA from a prestigious business school in South Asia, after which I also worked in Product Development, Marketing, and Management roles.

    Front-End Web Development

    I've worked in Booktrack, Harmoney, and Vista Entertainment developing web front-ends using the Angular, collaborating with the design teams to create usable experiences.

    Gaze Interaction

    I studied and researched gaze behaviour as part of my thesis, the outcome of which also resulted in a patent. Here's a quick demo.

    Automated Conversational Interactions

    Just before the pandemic hit, I started working on Messenger chatbots and conversational marketing solutions for organisations. Botly Solutions now has a healthy and growing product portfolio! 


    After spending some time learning Decentralised Applications and Blockchains, I'm conceptualising a DApp for addressing global food poverty. Here's the latest version of the whitepaper.


    I've also been an amateur astronomer for some time and also like to play around with long exposure photography.


    In a parallel universe, I'm also a car collector - perhaps even a race driver.

  • Get in Touch

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